About us!

Montana Hunting & Fishing Outfitters was founded by my dad Paul in 1984. I was raised here in Townsend, Montana and could not imagine living anywhere else! I am a proud dad to 3 boys and 1 girl named Gage, Gunnar, Glacier and Paisley! I have the most amazing wife in the world named Kandi that lets me follow my dream of being a hunting and fishing outfitter! I am a fishing outfitter in the summer then I switch my mind over to hunting, when September elk bugles sound off. I bow hunt guide for elk, deer, and antelope in central Montana in the fall. My other passion is steelhead fishing on the Clearwater River system in Idaho. There’s nothing in the world like a fight with a twenty pound steelhead! So whatever hunting or fishing season it is that’s what you’ll find me doing. I was raised by my father Paul Fawthrop and my mother Bethann Fawthrop. My dad showed me the ropes in the outdoors since the day I could walk. He has been a hunting and fishing outfitter for over twenty five years across three states. So you can say it was in my blood! He taught me to work hard and give everything I have into every day of guiding. Go the extra mile to ensure every client has a great day in the outdoors! I will absolutely work my hardest to make sure your trip is enjoyable and relaxing. In addition to the outfitting service I also run my own fishing tackle company called Walleye Hunter Fishing Tackle. I make handmade walleye, trout, pike and perch tackle for the summer and winter fishing seasons. So that keeps me busy enough! I really look forward to spending a day in the outdoors with you. Keep those lines tight!!!

Thanks, Outfitter Forrest Fawthrop