Holter Lake

Holter Lake, formed by Holter Dam on the Missouri River is 25 miles long. The dam is a “run-of-the-river” dam because it can generate electricity without needing to store additional water supplies behind the dam. Holter Lake has two parts, dubbed upper Holter Lake and lower Holter Lake. The central section of the lake called The Gates of the Mountains is a narrow 5 mile slow moving fishing mecca. Here you will find the most remarkable cliffs on each side of the river visited by Lewis and Clark over 200 years ago. There are many pictographs in this section that can be seen by boat. The bighorn sheep also call this place home and can be seen on a general basis. Also in the canyon was the site of the 1949 Mann Gulch fire, which claimed the lives of 13 smokejumpers. The incident is the subject of author Norman Maclean’s book Young Men and Fire. So besides the fishing this is an amazing place to spend the day. Here we fish for walleyes, brown/rainbow Trout, Perch and Ling. This lake can offer something that cannot be done anywhere else in the states that I know of! We offer a half day of fly fishing for trout and a half day of lake fishing for walleyes here. Get the best of both worlds in the same day! This trip is based out of Helena, MT.